Situated in the North East of England, Teesside has a proud history of ship building and steel works amongst many others.  But to those businesses who trade further south, it is possible that they are just not aware of the talent and services that can be provided by Teesside businesses.

So, using search engine optimisation to improve the visibility of a Teesside Business to a target audience, has been key to the success of many local enterprises.

SEO for Teesside businesses

Why Teesside Businesses Need SEO To Increase Visibility

So much of the UK’s economy is London based without much thought, that skills, services, and products could be more cost effective and of a high standard elsewhere.

Take Teesside university for example. Each year students’ qualify with superb I.T. skills that many businesses are screaming out for, website design “php” programming the works. But unless those Teesside I.T. businesses shout out their message online, it is unlikely that potential customers know that that they even exist. One way to increase visibility is to employ a Teesside SEO specialist to improve the traffic of their website.

More Than Local SEO Teesside

This is not just about ranking for key terms, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Billingham, Redcar etc. It is about being found for general National terms, web design, SEO Strategist, Programmer etc.

Once a service is found and provides a compelling argument, to why the visitor should engage with that business, the location in many niches becomes less important.

This is more than just technology services, anything that can be provided from a base in Teesside could be marketed online, to a National audience.

What Local Digital Marketing Specialists Would Provide

To find the right local digital marketing specialist for a business, you could do a search on Google or other search engines, which could include –

  • Teesside Backlink Outreach
  • Teesside Website Content Providers
  • Teesside SEO Freelancers
  • Teesside SEO Consultants
  • Teesside Social Media Providers
  • Teesside PPC Services
  • Teesside SEO Agencies

The results of these local searches should provide you with a list of firms that can help your business with these discipline below. This is not a complete list, just an example of what Teesside firm can do you for you –

  • Exceptional keyword research
  • Core understanding of content, both evergreen and news based
  • The relationship between load speed and SEO
  • How webs design, CSS and coding can impact how Google sees a website
  • Off page backlink strategies that suit the brand
  • On page conversion strategies to improve return on investment
  • The use of legal images, or better still unique creations
  • A clear plan to what the agency delivers and the business itself
  • A clear relationship between social media platforms and the website
  • Knowing when to use PPP (pay per click) or/and organic search

So, What Is The Starting Process?

A business plan needs to be conceived, or at least a suitable strategy, based on the extra sales expected and the cost to get where you plan to be. Then decide if the return on investment is worth it. Of course, considering, the extra logistics of providing a service outside the Teesside area.

Bearing in mind the size of the economy outside of the Teesside area versus the local, often it is a no brainer.

But it may not be for every business. Of course, many local Teesside firms are built up from word of mouth and work at a certain level. Scaling up to serve a National base may not cut it, but that is a consideration to make when putting the strategy together.

What is certain though, that many areas of the North East do not get the attention they should be getting, and businesses may have to work harder to get more recognition. SEO is a service that can be part of a bigger plan to get that attention.

Teesside SEO Agency

Employing A SEO Consultant Or Agency In Teesside

When expanding the target audience outside of the local area, to a national campaign would typically require more expertise, either with a Teesside SEO Consultant or agency. Promoting your business nationwide requires a more detailed approach and could include professionals such as web developers, social media marketing, search engine optimisation as well as content marketing and pay per click strategies.

Using a digital marketing agency to deliver these proficiencies is the typical solution, although with the right training and patience much of this can be done in house. There are several local SEO companies around Teesside, some with National and International clients.

When the business is smaller and the clientele more local, less of the work needs to be agency based, if the business owner is prepared to commit time or delegate it. Social media can be just as powerful as a marketing strategy when kept local, especially if each social media post if relative to the local market. But of course if a £1 saving on SEO is losing £2 is lost time within your business, then a web design and SEO agency that delivers proven local results, could still be the solution.