Comprehensive SEO Training Course

You can’t learn everything about Search Engine Optimization in a one day course, and it should be classed as a part of a continuous journey of learning, “I know it is with me”. But what I provide is, what I consider the next best thing, a comprehensive SEO training course, that covers everything you need to know to get started in this competitive field or organic search.


  • The one day SEO course materials focuses on organic traffic, the processes that are being used in my own projects and maybe a few things picked up from other top SEO specialists.
  • Google search is constantly changing so this investment will give a true understanding of the investment needed, both in time and money to make your online marketing successful and what project management it needs. There are no silver bullets to making money on the internet, those days have gone.
  • I tell you how it really is, so search engine optimization fundamentals can be developed either to do the work yourself, employees or outsourced.

Should I Attend A 1 Day SEO Course Or Use YouTube?

It is estimated that 75% of online free SEO courses on the internet is either just false, or out of date. Unfortunately it is full of copy videos, where a training video is created, then many so called SEO experts follow on with the same information without real time testing. Clearly rules and processes change over time, but online training videos stay in place like evergreen content. 


What I teach comes from real time testing in the real world. Where there are great videos, training content and other digital marketers to follow, I will gladly share with you, so you can continue your SEO journey.

The Success and Failures Of Internet Marketing

After nearly 20 years of delivering digital marketing across different sites, different niches and different strategies, there has been success but also failures, As they say your learn more from those internet marketing failures, than the successes. I will show you what to do, to avoid the failures that have been made in previous projects.

“So Lets Split this Training Course Content Into Strategic Sections”

For competitive keywords doing what everyone else is doing is a good platform but often not enough to command better power rankings.:

  • “Great Content”
  • “Powerful Backlink Profile”
  • “Superb Customer Engagement”
  • “Fit For Purpose Website Audit”
  • “The Interactive session”

So How Important Is Your Content?

Lets start with delivering the best content you can. Your website is not typically reviewed by human eyes, but by a Google Algorithm, having an understanding of how search engines measures great content is crucial.

  • “I start by showing how to reverse engineer your competitors websites content, to look for signals of success.”
  • “What words and sentences shows Google this is an authority on a subject.”

“Detailed keyword research is a basic requirement of every SEO strategy.”

  • “Lets research the keywords your customers are using and expand into supporting phrases, content marketing.”
  • “Matching your customers search intent and adapting to voice search used by Alexa and ask Google.”

How your content is structured into clusters to add meaning and trust to the overall picture, should they be positioned within larger page, directories or subdomains.

How Powerful Are Your Backlinks?

Backlinks are what gives your website power, as Google sees each link as a vote for your property. However a poor backlink profile can deliver the opposite, a loss in rankings trust and authority.

So backlink training is essential for a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign, where to look, how to decide if link building is worth the investment.

  • “How to reverse engineer successful website backlink profiles.”
  • “I will show some proven SEO Strategies, that professionals use to gain that link power.”
  • “Anchor text strategies.”
  • “Difference between “nofollow” and follow links.”
  • “How the right Guest post can power you up the search engine rankings.”
  • “The SEO Tools (Software) the professionals use.”

Metrics And Visitor Engagement.

How your visitors interact with your site has become more important to SEO in recent years and only likely to be a bigger part of ranking in the future.

Metrics such as –

How social media, YouTube and traditional marketing can be used to drive these metrics.

Using social media in tandem with your website. For some users, a strategic social media plan can deliver as much traffic as a stand alone website, knowing how to allocate time to each is an important part of digital marketing.

Other metrics include –

  • “Conversion rate, how many visitors ends up being a sale or lead.”

Is Your Website Fit For Purpose, Website Audit

Technical SEO is where we look at what is going on in the background that may have a negative effect to your rankings. much of this can be found in your Google Search Console.

Audit your website for –

  • “Duplicate Content, Tags, Categories, Author, Feed etc”
  • “Bounce Rates. Are your visitors Clicking The Back Button?”
  • “404s Broken Internal Links.”
  • “Poor Page Load Speeds.”
  • “Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?”

How we see the site may not be how Google sees it, so we can use the search console and other apps to measure if your website is fit for purpose and losing rankings due to a performance issue. There can be many issues when using word press templates either free or purchased.

I will go through a basic website audit, with solution to the problems your may come across. 

Let’s Not Forget Local SEO Strategies

Sometimes local businesses need to focus more on digital marketing within their local area ,using (GMB) Google My Business and Social Media to engage their customer base. I will cover strategies, to help get your local business noticed, creating a location theme within your website.  This can be the most cost effective online marketing strategy, which can be managed from your phone, or on the go. Of course we work on local SEO strategies also, to help you understand how to get up the rankings here also.

A Classroom Interactive Session

This is where I ask students to volunteer their website so the class can identify problems and offer solutions. This is a real opportunity to ask the questions missed during the day and see both opportunities and threats within different websites owned with the class. Sorry at this moment I do not do an online course.

Are You Ready To Learn SEO?

If you want to learn SEO the way it is practiced by many affiliate marketers and agencies working with small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) , then this could be the right SEO expert training course for you.  We all know there is lots of information our there, but knowing what is correct what is out of date is confusing, unless you are actually testing and researching trends and strategies.

There are many free SEO training options out there, but think of the time saved, just getting the right information first time. There is so much to tell, the hardest challenge will be squeezing all the course within a working hour day.