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OK, straight to the point I am not looking for a SEO Strategist position, job or employment. But I did think it would be interesting to discover what potential employers are looking for, the actual demand, and salaries expected for this job role. So if you are searching for a new job, this is what I found!

All this research is based in the UK, using the well known job posting sites out there.

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The first thing I noticed was how many of these roles are now classed as “remote”, so maybe it is possible to be employed many miles for the actual address of the employer.

Starting salaries from £25, 000 which I think is way too low for the expertise and knowledge that someone who knows what they are doing is worth. Salaries rose to £50,000, with a speciality in content creation, which under the current climate is understandable. Good content writers are hard to get hold of at the moment.

Even though the role of a SEO Strategist, was the main search showed many other roles, that may have the word strategy written somewhere with the content.

So many of the roles advertised are by recruitment agencies, does this mean that employers do not know what skills to look for, or are they just to busy and are outsourcing the task.

Other Job Titles Included (similar across all job boards)

  • SEO Content Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • SEO Executive
  • Omnichannel Strategist
  • SEO Analyst
  • Media Strategist
  • Technical SEO Executive
  • Senior Digital Strategist
  • Video Strategist
  • Search Strategist
  • Outreach Strategist
  • SEO Director
  • Senior Performace Executive
  • Ecommerce Strategist

The key point with these job roles, is that many agencies are looking for specialist in sectors of SEO, rather than the full spectrum. advertised Jobs

Worryingly, the starting salaries on “Glassdoor” ranged from £22,000. I can’t imagine any experienced SEO preferring to work for £22K when they could earn far more with their own agency.  I can’t help feeling the title of the job is exaggerated.

There were also many job titles that crossed over from together sites. In better words the employment agencies have used more than one job board to get the right applications.

What I also found interesting is how many of these vacancies involve being directly involved with the client. My experience is that someone who is analytical and wants to focus on Google algorithms to 2.00am in the morning are not the best public facing individuals.

However, there was one job role that went up to £94000, ironically this was one of the few positions advertised directly by the employer. Again, there is a clear demand for content strategists.

What About

The top featured job on “Totaljobs” was £50,000 to £60,000 a year, but again a recruitment agency was the advertiser. Actually, the lowest salary on this site was £28,000 with most within the £30k margin.  Even a PPC manager was advertised for £40K. Much fewer jobs were advertised here than the other boards, but still worth looking, as the roles appeared more professional.

A bit disappointed to see a USA site sandwiched in between the results on the first page advertising roles on USA dollars rather and GBP.

From The Research What Is A typical Strategist’s Salary?

The data I found was salaries as low as £22,000 right up to £94, 000. But when you read the description of the jobs, you can clearly see a difference in the expected ability in these roles. So different businesses have a different vision to what the job role is. Clearly creating a strategy for a multimillion turnover large site is more demanding than strategies for small business sites that a local digital marketing agency may manage.

This is not like a doctor or solicitor where a qualification clearly defines the job title. Each employer can call their employees anything they want and hence the huge different in salaries offered

For those out looking for vacancies, they will need to trawl through every job description to find the level of their ability to et a true figure to what salary can be expected.

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