UK Bed Retailer Dreams Website Strategy

The UK bed and mattress retailer, Dreams strategy as reported by the internet marketing agency

For many Dreams is an online and traditional bricks and mortar retailer that sells quality mattresses. Had Dreams just relied on reverse engineering another successful bed website, at best they may have achieved similar Google rankings for certain mattress search terms.

dreams strategy

Their SEO strategy is based on the understanding that what Dreams really sold was a good nights sleep, this opened up so many other linking and authority partnerships and a huge increase in visibility. Their business strategy as to become the “Owners Of Sleep”

They looked extensively at keyword research based on sleep and mattress buying decisions, then created 50,000 words of page copy using semantics to enhance its authority. A focus was then put on customer profiles, in better words what demographics are looking for what bed etc?.

An Authority On A Good Nights Sleep

Dreams became an authority website on a good nights sleep. So many people are searching for advice on how to sleep better, doctors and scientists are prepared to link and use this material. Magazines and newspapers doing heir own health articles on sleep, would then link to the website. There are also connections with famous athletes and sports people needing recovery time, so Dreams also connected with Team GB for the Olympics. There was also a real focus on local SEO, so that local stores could be found easily.

Try searching for most bed terms and in most cases Dreams will be there, Salience claim there was a 781% increase in organic traffic. Clearly there has been a financial reward for that internet marketing strategy.