SEO For Middlesbrough Businesses

You have probably arrived here after searching for something like “SEO Agency Services in Middlesbrough” or something similar with the search term “agency” or “local” included within the keyword. The fact it has the city “Middlesbrough“, as part of the keyword makes this a local search term, that you would normally expect from one local Teesside business service to another. But the reality is sometimes quite different.


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How To Find A Local SEO Agency


The reason being, that so many of the search results are from agencies that do not reside in locally and to be frank some of the content and keywords within the website would suggest they are there based right here.


In order to find a local SEO agency in Middlesbrough, take time to visit the the contact page first (all website should have one), before the main “this is what we do” services pages. You may then realize they are based somewhere else. If the page just consists of a form and no reference to the local area, such as a local phone number (normally starting with 01642), or a postcode (normally a TS post code) then look to if they have landing pages optimised for other cities of the country or only local.


This will give a good reference point to whether than freelancer is local and remember, trust can play a big part in “B to B” relationships. If locations are being hidden, what other factors are hidden too?


It is true that many freelancers who work from home, may not want to publish their exact home address, but most will at least show the Teesside region they are based in in.


Local Organic Search Terms


Now before anyone gets a bit frustrated about search engine optimisation agencies who rank for Middlesbrough organic search terms, but are not based here, some respect should be shown. An agency that can rank above a local Middlesbrough Search Engine Optimisation agency for its own home city or town should be congratulated, they know what they are doing. If local SEO services are required for regions outside your base, say with multiple offices or bases around the UK, then these agencies may have the solutions and be right for you.


There are also some SEO consultants and firms that are very clear they have worked with clients in Middlesbrough, rather than based here and hence why the local organic search term is used, this is a far more honest strategy in my opinion.


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Digital Marketing Services Middlesbrough


Of course, most agencies will offer a full digital marketing service, covering all aspects of online marketing.


Paid search or more commonly known as PPC, can help a business get visibility almost immediately as soon as the campaign is set up. But knowing how to make a pay per click campaign cost effective is where a good Middlesbrough digital agency comes in. Like everything else in business there needs to be a return on investment.



Coding, HTML and web design, should go hand in hand with search engine optimisation, but very often, design is delivered by creative designers, rather than those who have a technical understanding of how Google evaluates a website.


The good news is the Middlesbrough University is well recognised for delivering quality coders throughout the region, so there is no shortage of good programmers and web developers.


Marketing though social media should be seen as a starting point even before search engine optimisation, if the customer base is a local one. So much business occurs through word of mouth and social interaction, that a good digital marketing agency will know this, and use is knowledge of Middlesbrough to promote the brand or services.


A visual aspect to all marketing can be more powerful than words, so it makes sense to consider video marketing within any digital marketing campaign. The good news is, that videos can help with Google rankings also, there is s synergy with retention times and engagement. A good Middlesbrough video digital agency will know this.


Outrank Other Local Companies


If you are a local Middlesbrough business wanting to work with only a local Teesside agency, so that face to face communication is easier, not mentioning supporting the region, then take care to look at contact information first, before being drawn into the sales content. There can be some real benefits sticking to a local firm based within the local region to outrank the competition.


Understanding local search terms sometimes does mean understanding the local region and why it is unique to others. For some firms, local word of mouth and engaging in local events can be the catalyst to bigger things. Working with an SEO freelancer or agency that is part of the local structure who understands the people, the demographics, and events, can add that extra edge to a Middlesbrough digital marketing campaign, where opportunities may not be a great as in other more affluent British areas.


Social Media Campaigns


Local social media campaigns can be a great platform to market a firm and when this is combined with an effective strategy, this can-do wonders for a return on investment. Don’t forget there are those out there who only specialise in this platform,. so do a search for “Middlesbrough social media” firms.


Of course, the area could be larger than the city itself, Stockton on Tees, Billingham, Hartlepool, Redcar for example are all local areas, that will have a Middlesbrough agency representation and will know the local area.


Local SEO Strategies


This marketing strategy is for businesses whose main demographic is local one. so a Local search engine optimisation plan will be delivered for areas in and around Middlesbrough such as –


    • Ormesby


    • Acklam


    • Southbank


    • Normanby


    • Teessport


    • Wilton


    • Palister Park


    • Primrose Hill


    • Hemlington


    • Riverside


The list can go on –


This local campaign will be ideal for firms where their potential customers are looking for a service or product within the local area. A more advanced form of local marketing is focusing on Cities and towns outside of the region, with local types of search terms and content.


Of course being very specific for the trade or service the business can offer, can also be very important to a client.

If you are a small to medium sized business, there could be the money making Middlesbrough search terms to outrank the rest and help you be found within the noise.


National SEO Service


Many companies want to expand their business customers from a local base to Middlesbrough based national one, covering all or focused areas of the UK.  This National service can be especially effective, for products that can be posted, or services than can be delivered from a local base. The search terms can be UK specific or city specific depending on strategy. There can be cost savings for London based businesses trading with a Middlesbrough agency, so there cold be a win- win situation.


It is all about keeping business local or attracting new customers to the region. Being the first to be found for new investors, or those looking to get a better deal from a local agency than they would from other southern based companies.


A SEO Consultant In Middlesbrough


Sometimes companies want to deliver their own digital marketing campaign, so look for a SEO Consultant to help them, of course this also available locally. The role of a Middlesbrough consultant is to share their knowledge and experience to companies, to save them time and ultimately money. As much as consultancy can be more expensive in the short term, being able to deliver a comprehensive search engine optimisation project on their own from that point can in the long term be very cost effective.



There are specialist backlink services within the region if you look hard enough, just search for Middlesbrough Backlink services. It is fair to say though that most larger agencies will want to keep the best backlinks for their own clients. Obtaining links for any company through outreach, can be a time-consuming process, even many specialists outsource this task.


However, for most hard-to-get search terms, obtaining backlinks is essential to rank high, so this service cannot be ignored. If a local company wants to expand their search base outside the local region to National, it would be almost essential that a good backlink profile was established.



Designing a great website that requires creativity and can convert is a real skill and there are many in Middlesbrough who can deliver that. Alas, I am not one of those, my skills lie in ranking a website. It is also fair to state, the actual design that a successful website goes beyond an attractive design, which is why many agencies specialise in web development, which include much of the programming required to code a website.


As mentioned earlier, Middlesbrough University delivers some world class programmers every year, so there is no shortage of talent.