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I don’t use the word expert lightly as I have been delivering services for nearly 20 years now, both as an expert SEO freelancer and at one point my own agency. I am based in the Teesside area, although previous clients have been based further afield, I prefer to work with local Teesside, Darlington, or York clients only now as a semi-retired professional.

SEO freelancer Teesside

Trust plays a big part in this sector with so many so-called SEO experts out there it is difficult to decide which one is best. Having that occasion face to face meeting can help with the trust factor, another reason to keep things local. My results are based on real time testing not just the normal so-called advice easy obtained from the internet. I will explain more in detail below.

Offer SEO Freelancer Services For Middlesbrough Businesses

Middlesbrough is main city with the Teesside area with many businesses wanting to expand locally and nationally. Being found on the first page of Google for the right search terms can improve online visibility, overall banding and increased profits if done right.

SEO freelancer Middlesbrough

Competing with other business that may have had a quality online presence for up to 2 decades is not as easy as it used to be, so employing a Middlesbrougn SEO expert can speed the process up and save money in the long term.

Employ A Stockton on Tees SEO Freelancer

Ok I must be honest Stockton on Tees is where I live in Teesside, it is famous for the widest high street in Britain as well as a certain famous Stockton to Darlington railway. Employing a local service provider who lives with Stockton on Tees, right on the doorstep of your business, will help with trust and understanding of the challenges.

SEO Freelancer Stockton on Tees

When inevitably Google actions one of its major updates, it can be re-assuring to talk the changes over a coffee, rather than email.

What Will The Freelancer Role Consist Of?

Pretty simple answer is to get website pages from position A to position B (this could be first page of Google) increasing its traffic but engaging with the right demographic of customer. There is no value in increasing traffic if those visitors are not looking for your services or products.

Here is a list of basic processes I will follow through with

  • Detailed Competitor Audit – Who are the competition and why do they rank where they do?
  • Website Technical Audit – Pointless doing anything is the website is not mobile friendly loads slow, has broken links and a poor menu.  Let’s put all these things right first.
  • Full Content Audit – Where does the current content stack up to the competition both in quality and number of words/pages.  Is there any low quality duplicate pages and duplicated media etc.
  • Backlink Audit – So how strong is your backlink profile compared to the competition.
  • Engagement Metrics – Dwell time, bounce rates which pages are visited which are not etc. Can this al be improved?
  • Conversion data – How does the website convert to leads, or sales, call to action buttons, updated videos etc.
  • Socials Videos etc – What else is needed to compliment the website that can help with rankings, such as social media engagement and videos

Time for some honesty here, the above list done properly takes a lot of time. No-one is going to offer this to the right standard free before any contract is signed or agreed.  Of course you will need some sort of idea of what work is involved so a more basic overview can be produced to get a general idea of the work needed beforehand.

More About Mark Flanighan – I love The Challenge

I mention I am semi-retired, that mean I do not have, nor do I want a lot of clients, so that is good news for you and me. Any great links that come around will be going to your website, plus I can devote more time to each project.

I do SEO because I have passion for it, and client work is on top of affiliate and lead generation websites I run and own. Working with clients allow me to work in sectors I am not in, and so love that challenge.

You may have noticed that I call myself a SEO Strategist but adding a Teesside Freelancer page adds to the search volume and not many people use that search terms. So, I create a local Freelancer page to found for that search term and here you are, probably because you searched for that term.

This is basic SEO and can be replicated for your business, looking at the right keywords, creating great content and locating links to add Google authority.

What I will Provide For You

An honest professional service

  • I will tell you how it really is and genuine timescales
  • Keep you informed of Google algorithm changes
  • Talk with you as a business partner, not an I.T. nerd
  • Devote a decent amount of time to the project
  • Continue to audit and analysis and adjust if necessary
  • Charge a fair price for the service

What I Will Not Do

  • Inflate expectations to obtain work
  • Take risks with backlinks or your website in general
  • Take on too many clients
  • Take on projects that are more suited to a full agency – Website design video production, email campaigns etc
  • Give the best sales presentation – just don’t do sales very well (yes I admit it)

Trust Plays A Big Part In Freelancing

If you haven’t figured out yet but I see trust as a major factor in business relationships. Unfortunately, the self employed SEO person and even agency sector is full of over promising sales pitches that in the end give us a bad name. Maybe you have been bitten by a so-called experts who just lied or was out of the comfort zone?

I am older than most in this industry, reputation is important to me. This means I will not be taking on all the work I am offered, but also means when I commit to an project, then I commit.

If you think I can help your digital marketing campaign and are based in Teesside, say Middlesbrough or Stockton on Tees. Why not contact me for a cup of coffee and meet up.

I have a few packages to choose from for businesses in Teesside, Middlesbrough and Stockton on Tees.

Although I know most Teesside businesses want to see easy to understand pricing before contacting anyone, the truth is every website is unique and requires a unique strategy.  But to simplify things here are some general pricings.

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