SEO Audit Teesside For Business Websites

If you are a business based within the Teesside area and ready to start a digital marketing campaign, the first step is to perform a full SEO audit on your website. Like all business solutions, you need to know where your starting point is, before setting out a full SEO strategy and action plan.

However, different SEO agencies and freelancers will have different opinions or scales to what depth an audit should take and what its value is.

SEO Audit Teesside

Free SEO Audit Teesside Middlesbrough and Stockton

For most businesses, they would initially look for a free SEO audit from someone or a local agency based in the local area, say Middlesbrough, Stockton, or Teesside in general. But there are issues with this approach.

For myself, I would never spend a considerable amount of my time, understanding all the issues that need working on with a potential client then disclose all these solutions free of change. Think about this for a moment, after nearly 20 years of SEO, experiments testing, failures, and successes, why would I spend my time enriching all that knowledge to someone I have just met, for them to say, “Thank You I will Let You Know”.

So, when you see Middlesbrough agencies offering a free SEO audit, you should be aware from the start that an audit will only consist of what needs doing, for them to win a contract. Only sufficient solutions will be presented to get the contract and very likely, the things that are doing very well on your website will be played down and all its issues, played up.

Development Agency Consultant

I remember a time many years ago, where a development agency, sent out a consultant to help me with a project and the best he could offer, was to change the font on my logo. Even at that time I was well ahead of his knowledge, he had sold his perceived skills to the development agency that had little value in the real world.

When I do a full audit for my own projects, it really goes into real depth covering all technical SEO issues, speed, mobile friendly, content, link building, conversion, and engagement. Sometimes, this audit will evolve as the website grows and niche expends. This is not something that can be done in an hour or so.

Of course, once the client is paying for my services things will change, then I will delve into a deep audit with solutions and strategies. Sometimes the client doesn’t care what these are so long as there are results, other times the client wants to be closer.

Why Not Pay for A Full SEO Audit?

A different approach could be to pay for a full audit on the basis that no guaranteed work will come from it. In this case, even though money has been presented up front before any results, it could save much more money in the long run, from employing under qualified SEO’s who claim to know, but don’t. Having a full SEO audit in front of the business owner can really help with employment decisions.

It also could reveal a reality of how big the project really is. In my early days of running my agency, I lost potential future clients, because I was honest about the timescales and costs. Many agencies, get the client then worry about everything else later. If they are sacked, so what, they have several months work that has been paid for and other clients waiting to take over.

It may even be possible to realise that the SEO work could be done in house, or even some of the work.

Remember the internet is no longer new, there are Teesside businesses that have been online for decades, to start competing with them obviously will take some work, time, and money. Do not let a free audit presentation convince you, that it will be easier than it really will be.

The offer of a free SEO audit is often just a way into your office and what you receive in return is carefully sculpted to suit a sale, rather than a genuine freebie.