Relationship Between Main Domain and Sub Domain

If you ask most SEO experts whether they prefer subdomains or sub folders, for their content, in most cases the sub folder option is preferred. I agree, but with one exception, and that is lead gen pages, or websites that have a lot of location-based info and there is a risk of thin or similar content.


With these instances, I opt for sub domains, to separate the blog posts and higher word content from the landing pages.

I have been doing this a long while, now and have a system and minimum unique content level I work too on each local page. However, with one site’s subdomains I am working on now, there seems to an issue of finding new updates on each page with Google. It discovers the pages fine when brand new but takes forever to find and changes to the pages, as I have been adding more value to them.

There is one different to previous projects and that is the main website is also struggling for added value content to be discovered, so this week I have been experimenting with the relationship between the main website and its sub domain.

How relevant is the ranking of the subdomain to the main domain, even if the subdomain has quality links going to it?

A Focus on the Main Domain

So, all work on sub domains have stopped, the focus is adding more and more quality content to the main domain, so it starts to see traffic by itself and in the meantime, I will measure any metrics that change with the sub domain, to see the relationship between the two.

More blog posts and related sub folder content is being added slowly and on different dates. Will this prove that before working on any subdomain, the main site needs to be sound with plenty of content and traffic?

It will also be interested to see where the line is, or will it make no difference to a sub domain’s value?

Let’s see.!!