November 2021 Google New Update With John Mueller

So John Mueller has created a “Google search news for November 2021” video talking about subjects like core Web Vitals, Title Links (or just titles in my language), continuous scrolling and some more stuff.

The Core Web Vitals page experience ranking change, which is relatively knew, but this update relates to desktop experience which was absent form the original role out. Load speeds will be measured, including

  • Largest Contentfull Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Shift (CLS)
  • HTTPS Security
  • Absence of Intrusive Interstitials

Obviously mobile friendly stats, can not me measured on a desktop version of a website.
These factors will be used for ranking purposes and could affect search results. This latest rollout will start February 2022. The search console will be updated to help with this. We hope!

The Chrome Developers Relations team have been publishing articles on web core vital subject like this that can really help with website development and of course help with better rankings. Their website address is

However, John mentioned, that even though this can help your website, it still is not the most important factor in SEO and site owners need to look at the bigger picture.

It seems that the Title Link update that occurred in August has not been that popular with much negative feedback, Google developers have then looked at improvements and so the latest version appears to be more agreeable with users.

It looks like Google has finally moved to continuous scrolling for mobile devices, although not in all regions for now. This is obviously great news as sites that are indexed page 2, 3 or 4 are more likely to be found now. It is possible though that impressions will increase but the Click Through Rate (CTR) may reduce.

A new guide for ecommerce sites has been put together, he recommends if you sell anything online to give it a read and is the first on the subject of ecommerce.

John moves on to mention that there are several tracks to SEO, meaning you can rank by using different strategies that suit the brand or business. He recommends to take a step back and look at what others are doing.

Another paper that has been release is called the “State of Technical SEO Report” by Areel Abuali and Paddy Moogan. another recommendation to read.

The “Raters Guide” has now been updated. This has been used by “raters” to establish the actual quality of websites in Google’s eyes that is. The “raters” give insight to where google can improve their algorithms.

A change of brand for “Google My Business”, it is now called “Google Business Profile

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