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Not everything in SEO is black and white and different professionals will have different opinions. The posts are where I express an opinion, based on my own experiments and experience, I fully appreciate it may be different to someone else. <strong>My Opinion on Certain Digital Marketing Matters</strong> In fact most SEO's have their own preferences in content creation and link building, which suits their experience. It is no different for myself and since I aim to create websites that are different to the competition, often strategies are different and so are the processes. Just because I have a different opinion to other professional processes doesn't mean I will not respect or understand why there is a difference. For those learning or starting out, do not stick to one persons opinion, get a varied outlook on what works and what does not.

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19 January 2022

How Long Does SEO Take?

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14 January 2022

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1 January 2022

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14 December 2021

False SEO Information

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25 June 2021