New Google indexifembedded Tag

Search Engine Journal has reported (Matt Southern) that Google is turning out a brand-new robotics tag that gives websites much more control over web content that gets indexed in search results page.

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A new robots tag, called indexifembedded, allows internet sites provide Google more direction over which content to index in search results page.

With this tag you can tell Google to just index web content on a web page if it’s embedded with iframes as well as similar HTML tags.

The indexifembedded tag overrides the noindex tag.

That means you can make use of noindex to maintain an entire link out of search engine result, as well as apply the indexifembedded tag to make a certain item of content indexable when it’s embedded on one more page.

Google states it developed this tag to deal with an issue influencing media authors:

When To Utilize The Indexifembedded Tag

This brand-new robots tag is not something that applies to a lot of publishers, as it’s planned for material that has a separate URL for installing purposes.

As an example, an author of a video broadcast might have web pages dedicated to every video episode, which each have their own URLs.

After that there would be links directing straight to the video, which other sites can use to embed the video on their web pages.

Such an URL may be

The video creator might not want the media Links indexed in search results. Formerly, the only way to maintain them out of Google Search was with a noindex tag.

However, the noindex tag prevents installing the content in other pages during indexing. So if the publisher intended to permit embeddeding they were forced to have the media link indexed too.

Currently, with the indexifembedded tag, authors have even more control over what obtains indexed.

The indexifembedded tag can be utilized with the noindex tag, and will certainly override it when the URL with noindex is installed right into one more web page via an iframe or comparable HTML tag.

used when placing a video episode as a resource of reference.

A Example How To Use The Indexifembedded Tag

Obviously there are reasons why it is best to show this code on this page as an image. Just in cases Google reads it.

Image taken from developers Google