Google Search Console The Best SEO Tool

The Google Search Console is a powerful tool for SEO analysis and optimization, for anyone starting out in SEO this is an essential tool, it shows you how Google sees your site.

Any SEO strategist will use the Search Console (previoulsy called webmaster tools) as a starting point to any technical seo issues and indexation problems.

So here are some reasons why Google Search Console is considered one of the best SEO tools:

  1. Data directly from Google: It provides valuable insights into how Google sees and indexes your website. It offers data about search visibility, indexing status, and but is very limited when it comes to keywords linking to your site. Many other tools are 3rd party and can only guess how google sees your website.
  2. Website health monitoring: You get alerts about issues that could affect your website’s performance, such as crawl errors, broken links, and manual penalties. It helps you identify technical SEO issues, so you can fix them, to ensure a better user experience.
  3. Content optimization: The Performance report in Search Console displays queries that led users to your site and shows your organic search rankings. This information gives you hints about keywords, so you can optimize your content, and improve your click-through rate (CTR). Don’t think it will do all the work for you though.
  4. XML sitemap submission: A great tool is to submit your XML sitemap, ensuring that Google can fully crawl and index your website. This helps with overall site visibility and organic traffic. Far better to have a good internal linking structure, but it helps before these internal links are found.
  5. Mobile usability insights: With the widespread use of mobile devices, Google Search Console provides Mobile Usability reports that highlight potential issues affecting mobile users’ experience. Very important that you know that Google sees your site as mobile friendly. If it shows it isn’t, get it sorted ASAP.
  6. Structured data monitoring: Structured data helps search engines understand your content better. The Search Console allows you to monitor the structured data markup on your website, helping ensure that it is implemented correctly and improving the chances of rich snippets appearing in search results.
  7. Monitoring backlinks: Understanding what links google values and ignores can really help with SEO. I personally use the internal link count as an important metric to my campaigns.
  8. Webpage inspection tool: You can look at the page Google has spidered, both in live mode and code mode. You can idenify if the page has or has not been indexed correctly, or if resouces have been missed, maybe due to too much code.
  9. Core web vitals: A very important part of the Search Console, how have your vsitors engaged with yoru website. If it is of low traffic, you are unlikely to get data, but higher traffic websites hould have useful core web data to help improve engagement and of course rankings

Any decent SEO Training course will contain some elements from the Search Console, such is it’s importance.. Of course the more advanced stuff can be learned later.

While Google Search Console is an essential SEO tool, it is beneficial to use it alongside other tools that offer additional features, such as keyword research, competitor analysis, or backlink analysis, for a comprehensive SEO strategy.