Competitors SEO Audit For A Middlesbrough Business

If you are starting a new website or have neglected an existing one and wish to be competitive against other Middlesbrough businesses online, then a SEO audit is normally a good place to start.

Performing a competitor SEO audit will help you or a local Middlesbrough agency to understand the work that needs to be done, before setting out a strategy and understanding the costs in both time and money.

competitor SEO audit Middlesbrough

Let’s Start with Technical Performance

Looking at how fast your competitors websites load and are they mobile friendly will help with the basics. Are they based around a platform such as WordPress or have they been coded to be super-fast or basic html? Essentially the Middlesbrough auditor is looking to see if there are any weaknesses in the competitors’ sites from a technical point of view, to understand the cost of development and that the existing website is up to the mark.

How Big Are the Competing Websites?

In terms of content pages, how many are there and are they all quality content aimed at visitors, or are there many poor-quality web pages? If you old Middlesbrough website has 10 pages or boiler plate content and your competitors have 200 well written articles, here is a hint of how much work needs to be done to catch up.

How Good IS The Quality Of Content And Media?

Overall, how good is the media and content with the website you wish to compete with.  Are the article long in length with detailed data and useful information? Or is it all just spam, boiler plate and copy borrowed from elsewhere? This audit will help ascertain the quality of the content that neds to be written, is a content writer needed, or can it be done in-house? What opportunities are there for keywords?

Most learning SEO, understand that good rankings can be influenced by strong trusted backlinks. In this case the keywords would be based around Middlesbrough or Teesside terms. Having a core of local citations will also boost rankings, so how does the local competition fare against where your website stands now? What kind of backlink campaigns will need to be put together to better these existing websites.

Lets not forget about social media. A local Middlesbrough company that has an exiting engaging social media campaign can bring traffic to a website.

On Site Metrics

Back to the website, as content is being added, are there clickable elements to encourage visitors to stay and increase dwell time?  How do other Middlesbrough websites look? Are they engaging or boring? What can be learned from the structure of these websites that are helping them with rankings, that can be applied better on this new project? Above is just the basics of how a competitor SEO audit could be applied to a Middlesbrough based website being optimised for local or nation search terms.

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