Teesside’s economy might benefit from £10m in digital training.

It has been reported in Gazettelive a great article on a £10m investment in digital training, here is our version of the article. Businesses participating in a new digital training initiative could increase the Tees Valley economy by £10 million.

Weeks of free digital skills courses will be given for businesses in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool, Darlington, and Redcar and Cleveland as part of the Get Your Head Into Digital programme. More than 200 businesses are expected to use digital technologies, allowing them to function more efficiently, increase turnover, reach more customers, and increase profitability.

According to specialists at local entrepreneurship partnership Tees Valley Unlimited, if the programme meets its goals, the Tees Valley economy may benefit by more than £10 million over three years from job creation, increased profitability, and higher staff wages (TVU).

More than 100 businesses have signed up for the seminars, and more are signing up every day, according to organisers. However, organisations should not wait to join up because the workshops will close on April 2.

According to the Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index, around 4,300 enterprises in the Tees Valley have no effective digital presence and only basic internet skills. This sum might be substantially higher, according to some estimates.

Teesside’s DigitalCity and the Tees Valley Business Compass are running Get Your Head Into Digital, which is part of the Government’s national SME Digital Capability Challenge Programme.

Getting your business online, selling online, using social media to reach more clients, business banking online, and accessing business data from any device anywhere in the world are just some of the subjects covered in the workshops.

“There are a large amount of economic benefits to firms of all sizes and sectors in utilising digital,” stated Michael Ryding, Director of DigitalCity. The numbers are self-evident. Businesses with a strong internet presence are more profitable than those without.
“Digital technologies are tools that help businesses function more efficiently – whether you’re a solo trader or manage a typical firm with a team of employees, the courses provide genuine skills that may help you develop your business and run more efficiently.”

The £10 million figure from TVU is based on data from the Office for National Statistics, as well as industry and government assessments comparing the potential profitability of enterprises with and without a digital presence.

A third of small and medium businesses (SMEs) in the United States do not have a website. When voluntary, community, and social businesses (VCSEs) are factored in, the percentage jumps to 50%.
According to independent analysts Booz and Co., full digital adoption could add £63 billion to the UK economy.

Visit http://www.headintodigital.com/ to learn more and register for a workshop.

Since its inception five years ago, Stockton-based Evolution Valves has employed technology to increase turnover.

According to the company’s executives, using internet marketing strategies, a website, and Skype for meetings has helped it attain a turnover of close to £3.5 million.

“We knew right immediately when we began the company that we wanted to distinguish out,” said director Peter Cone. “We needed a good click marketing strategy, so we turned to IT to help us improve our image and reputation.” “We were at a disadvantage as a young firm, therefore it was critical to create some reputation to catch up to the established businesses.”

In addition, the company has launched a new office in Houston, Texas, where it now employs 16 employees. “Digital has given us a recognisable legitimacy; people have a lot more faith in us and what we do,” Peter remarked. “If you’re unclear about how to use digital, just try with the available media to find what works for you – and don’t be afraid of it,” he advised.

“It’s critical not to get left behind. If you don’t use digital, you’re placing yourself at a disadvantage right away.”

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