£42m Investment in Middlesbrough’s Digital Future

A new digital communication infrastructure is being built in Middlesbrough and the cost is £42m. Teesbusiness.co.uk, interviewed Steph Carter Smith who is the City Manager for CityFibre and she explains that even if we have fibre connections now in Middlesbrough chances are it will contain copper and be a regular fibre connection, but full fibre will take internet connections to a new level.

laying fibre optic cable

She explains that full fibre refers to being “Fire Optic” and if our routers are connected to a telephone line, it is more likely to be a regular connection, but the difference can be significant.

Instead of thinking “20mbs to 120mbs” connections start thinking 1,000mbs, from full fibre optic connections and reliable bandwidth. With these kinds of speeds buffering will be something of the past, especially when it comes to gaming and streaming TV and moves.

Of course, it will help Middlesbrough businesses also, from online shopping to internet telephone and video call communications.

This upgrade has already been started in Brambles farm and Thorntree, the rest of Middlesbrough to follow.

It is all part of a national upgrade costing up to £4bn, so that millions of people and businesses can benefit.

The good news is that work is already under way to bring full fibre services within reach of nearly every home and business locally. The work has started in Brambles Farm and Thorntree, with the rest of the town soon to follow.

We often forget how quickly the internet is still growing and how it integrates into business, from internal online databases to promo videos and instant quotes. It is great that the Middlesbrough has been included within this development.

Of course, CityFibre is a commercial operation, and you will need to sign up, after visiting the website and as for me, It wasn’t clear what the price structure would be. After adding my address, it apologized that the service was not in my area at this moment. It would have been useful to have an indication of prices and when what parts of Teesside or Middlesbrough were going to be ungraded soon.

Leaving my personal details was not an option at this point.