Mark Flanighan

I suppose I see myself as a SEO Strategist, with a bit of training and campaigning (or moaning) thrown in.

I am semi-retired. live in Teesside England and clearly older than most working in the digital industries.  With a mature outlook to search engine optimisation problems, I like to cut through the latest buzz words and chaff and stick to realistic solutions.

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A Passion For SEO Strategies

This love hate relationship with why one website ranks well with high visibility and why others never reach full potential.

I have a passion for those SEO strategies that deliver success and have learned from those that didn’t.

Search engine optimisation is always evolving and will occasionally do a 360 swing, to what works and what doesn’t.

In my opinion a good SEO Strategist will keep processes simple but do them better than anyone else. Reserving the more advanced stuff for when everything else has been achieved.

Now And Again I Teach What I Know

OK, you can’t learn everything about search engine optimisation in a day, but from time to time I share the many years of knowledge, successes and mistakes in the classroom.

So now and again I can offer SEO training for those wanting to increase their online exposure and improve their digital visibility.

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Latest News and Views

A bit of digital marketing opinion and search marketing news and from myself, when I can get the time.

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Restrict Personal Data

Every time a child (or you) makes a search or posts something on social media, That data is being stored.
Your Personal Data